Washington Democrats control every lever of power in the federal government so how can they blame the failure to pass health care…


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07.22.09 3rd District residents invited to grants supermarket, small business workshop

Federal Grants Supermarket Aug. 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the University of West Georgia’s Education Buildi…

07.17.09 ‘Obamacare’ bends cost curve the wrong way

Any national health care reform must focus on increasing efficiency so that more Americans can have access to …

06.28.09 Stimulus package hasn’t stopped economic slide

Poor Joe Biden. The famously talkative vice president keeps the administration’s tight message machine constan…



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7/31 686 h r 3269 No
7/31 685 h r 3269 Aye
7/31 684 h r 3269 Aye
7/31 683 h r 3269 No
7/31 682 h r 3435 Nay
7/30 681 h r 1752 No

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Don’t let ACORN taint 2010 census

The census is one of the most important functions that the federal government undertakes. We must preserve its credibility by excluding ACORN from taking part in the process.