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E-mail Paul Ryan
E-mail Congressman Ryan
Your thoughts and comments are very important.  This e-mail service provides 1st District residents a convenient way to share with me their ideas and concerns.

 -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=send an e-mail

Health Care Reform: A Plan Forward -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=learn more

* Paul Ryan on town halls and Health Care Debate
8/30/09 – Up Front with Mike Gousha  -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* Health Care Debate with Paul Ryan and Gwen Moore
8/28/09 – Milwaukee Press Club
* Video (Wisconsin Eye)   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* “Washington could use some Wisconsin civility"
Review – Steve Jagler, BizTimes   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

* “Let’s fix what’s broken; not break what’s working”
Paul Ryan Hosts 17 health care Listening Sessions
-->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font></td>
                                            <td valign=August 2009 Listening Session PowerPoint presentation
-->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font></td>
                                            <td valign=The Patients’ Choice Act PowerPoint presentation
* "Paul Ryan tours 1st Congressional District to hold listening sessions"
8/27/09 – WITI-TV, Milwaukee   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Janesville Listening Session
8/26/09 – Wisconsin Eye   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Darien Listening Session
8/26/09 – Wisconsin Eye   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Walworth Listening Session
8/26/09 – Wisconsin Eye   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* "Paul Ryan’s health care listening session heated but peaceful”
8/26/09 – WKOW-TV, Madison   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* Paul Ryan: “Let’s fix what’s broken; don’t break what’s working.”
8/23/09 – Fox News Sunday
  -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* A Closer Look at H.R. 3200
An exclusive to The Racine Journal Times
We all want to fix what’s broken in health care, but we need to get it right. With Congress out of session next month, August represents a unique opportunity for the American people to truly engage in this critical debate.
* (Part I)   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
* (Part II)   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
* (Part III)   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
* (Part IV)    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
* (Part V)    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
* (Part VI)    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

* Paul Ryan provides update on health care debate with Charlie Sykes
7/30/09 – Midday with Charlie Sykes, 620 WTMJ   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=listen

* Paul Ryan on MSNBC: “Let’s have an honest debate”
7/29/09   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* Paul Ryan talks with Bill Bennett on health care
7/29/09 –  Bennett Mornings   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=listen

* Paul Ryan talks with Stan Milam about the health care reform debate
7/27/09 – The Stan Milam Show, 1230 WCLO
  -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=listen

* Paul Ryan co-hosts CNBC’s Squawk Box
* Paul Ryan, Howard Dean, and John Sheils discuss health care   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Paul Ryan’s outlook of health care overhaul   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* Government puts itself, not patients, in control of care
7/19/09: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Op-Ed
Congressman Paul Ryan discusses the merits of government-run insurance in Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Ryan asks, “Who should be at the center of health care in America? …Should we shift the decision-making power to the federal government, or should we look to empower the patient and the doctor?”   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

* Paul Ryan Fights for Common Sense Health Care Reforms in the House Ways and Means Committee
7/16 & 7/17/09
– Congressman Paul Ryan sought to strike the most troubling components of the Majority’s Washington-centered health care overhaul, and improve the legislation with a number of common-sense amendments. Unfortunately, a health care bill that no member had read and that did not have official cost estimate was passed out of the House Ways and Means Committee at 1:45 AM on Friday, July 17.
* Paul Ryan offers amendment to strike the government-run plan    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Paul Ryan explains the problem with the government-run plan    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch
* Paul Ryan offers amendment to help Majority make good on their rhetoric    -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=watch

* “Putting Patients First”
7/17/09Remarks delivered by Paul Ryan at the National Press Club   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

* Paul Ryan talks with Charlie Sykes about the Majority’s health Care overhaul
7/16/09 – Midday with Charlie Sykes, 620 WTMJ   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=listen

* “A New Trillion Dollar Health Care Entitlement”
7/16/09 – Ranking Member Paul Ryan and House Budget Committee Analysis of H.R. 3200   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

* Paul Ryan talks with Jay Weber about spending, debt, and health care reform
7/15/09 – The Jay Weber Show, 1130 WISN   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=listen

* Capitalizing on Common Ground
7/14/09 – The Hill/Racine Journal Times
Ryan calls for finding common ground on health care reform, arguing that Washington-centered solutions would only exacerbate the challenges we now face.   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more
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photo (Scott Anderson, Journal Times)
Scott Anderson/Journal Times
September 1 – African American Community Issues Forum and health care listening session, Racine, WI

August 24 to August 31: Congressman Paul Ryan visited 17 communities through Wisconsin’s 1st District during his August 2009 Listening Session tour.
photo (Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Rick Wood/ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
August 24 – Eagle, WI
August 25 – Sharon, WI
August 25 – Kenosha, WI
August 26 – Janesville, WI
photo (Scott Anderson, Journal Times)

Scott Anderson/Journal Times

August 27 – Sturtevant, WI
August 31 – Big Bend, WI

1-888-909-RYAN (7926)

Washington Office
1113 Longworth HOB 
Washington, D.C. 20515 
Phone: (202) 225-3031 
Fax: (202) 225-3393

Janesville Office
20 South Main Street
Suite 10 
Janesville, WI 53545 
Phone: (608) 752-4050 
Fax: (608) 752-4711

Kenosha Office
5455 Sheridan Road
Suite 125  
Kenosha, WI 53140 
Phone: (262) 654-1901 
Fax: (262) 654-2156

Racine Office
216 6th Street 
Racine, WI 53403 
Phone: (262) 637-0510 
Fax: (262) 637-5689

Mobile Office

SBA disaster loans available
1st District residents who reside in Kenosha County, Racine County, Milwaukee County, Walworth County, and Waukesha Counties who were impacted by the June 18th and 19th flooding can now apply for Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans. Residents can apply for a loan to repair or replace destroyed real estate, or they can apply for a personal property loss loan. Both loans are repayable up to 30 years, and have an interest rate as low as 2.4% for homeowners, and 4% for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Loan applications and information can obtained by calling toll free at (800) 659-2955, by going online to www.sba.gov/services/disasterassistance, or by sending and e-mail to: [email protected]

The filing deadline to return applications is September 14, 2009.

Assistance for Displaced Workers
For those adversely affected by Southern Wisconsin’s economic difficulties, numerous resources have been made available to assist you.   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″></font><a href=read more

Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance
If you are in jeopardy of losing your home, there are many resources available to assist you.   -->” width=”15″ height=”10″><a href=read more


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