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TUESDAY, August 4, 2009, 8:00 AM Pacific Time
Field Hearing: “Exploring Ways for Small Businesses to Access Capital”
Subcommittee on Finance and Tax

Courthouse Square, Senate Hearing Room, 555 Court Street N.E., Salem, Oregon

The hearing will examine the current credit conditions for Oregon small businesses. Witnesses will offer testimony on expanding access to capital for entrepreneurs and spurring economic growth.
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THURSDAY, July 30, 2009, 10:00 AM
“The Future of Specialty Crops for Small Family Farmers”
Subcommittee on Rural Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade
The hearing examined current Farm Bill programs and how they will apply to fresh fruits and vegetables. The Subcommittee heard testimony from farmers and producers on the state of the specialty crops industry.
Witness List | Video Highlights on YouTube

WEDNESDAY, July 29, 2009, 1:00 PM
“Oversight of the Small Business Administration and its Programs”
Pursuant to House rules adopted this year requiring each committee to hold a quarterly hearing on waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement in Government programs, the hearing examined programs within the Small Business Administration (SBA). Among other topics, lawmakers explored the SBA’s implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, fraud in the HUBZone program and the agency’s recent work to improve its disaster assistance functions.
Witness List | Chairwoman Velázquez’s Opening Statement | Video Highlights on YouTube

THURSDAY, July 23, 2009, 10:00 AM
“Legislative Proposals to Reform the SBA’s Capital Access Programs”
Subcommittee on Finance and Tax
The Committee reviewed legislation affecting the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) capital access programs.
Witness List | Video Highlights on YouTube

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July 30, 2009 — Local Farmers and Consumers See Boost from Farm Bill

July 29, 2009 — GAO: Despite Progress Made, Problems Remain With SBA Disaster Preparedness

July 28, 2009 — House Small Business Committee Chair on Health Care Bill

July 23, 2009 — Plans to Improve Small Business Lending Floated

July 17, 2009 — House Passes Funding Boost for Small Business Administration

July 17, 2009 — Traffic Congestion Costing U.S. $87.2 Billion a Year

July 16, 2009 — House Panel Examines Recovery Act Tax Breaks for Small Firms

July 8, 2009 — Doctors Shortage Threatens to Undermine Health Care Reform

July 8, 2009 — House Approves Job Creating Small Business Research Bill

June 25, 2009 — Committee Approves Legislation Reauthorizing Small Business Research Programs

June 23, 2009 — Lawmakers Cite Health Information Technology as Key to Reform

June 18, 2009 — Smuggled Textiles, Clothing Products Undercutting U.S. Producers, Costing Jobs

June 17, 2009 — Committee Examines Legislation Updating Small Business Research Programs

June 15, 2009 — Velázquez Hails Arrival of New Recovery Loans

June 11, 2009 — House Panel Passes Legislation Updating Small Business Research Programs

June 10, 2009 — In Midst of Recession, Small Firms Struggle to Find Credit

June 4, 2009 — House Panel Examines Legislation to Update Small Business Research Programs

June 4, 2009 — Addressing Small Business Needs Key to Health Care Reform

June 3, 2009 — Velázquez Questions Small Business Agency on Auto Dealer Lending Plan

May 22, 2009 — Velázquez Works to Bring Relief to Local Businesses

May 21, 2009 — Small Business Biofuel Producers Endangered by Proposed EPA Rule

May 20, 2009 — House Approves Jobs Creating Small Business Bill

May 20, 2009 — Congressional Committee Honors Entrepreneurship

May 14, 2009 — Lawmakers Call For Clear Toy Safety Standards

May 13, 2009 — Committee Approves Jobs Creating Small Business Assistance Bill

May 13, 2009 — Lawmakers Say Auto Help Should Extend to Small Firms

May 7, 2009 — Easing Small Business Tax Burden Would Spur Jobs

May 7, 2009 — Job Creating Small Business Bill Prepped for Movement

May 7, 2009 — Velázquez Calls for More Small Business Input in Regulatory Reform

April 30, 2009 — Panel Approves Job Creating Entrepreneurial Bills

April 29, 2009 –Lawmakers Cite Entrepreneurs’ Role in Curbing Climate Change

April 22, 2009 — Lawmakers Cite Technology as Key to Economic Recovery

April 3, 2009 — Velázquez on Senate Confirmation of Karen Gordon Mills as Next SBA Administrator

April 2, 2009 — Lawmakers Call for Renewal of Job Creating Small Business Programs

April 1, 2009 — Lawmakers Press IRS to Ease Small Business Tax Burdens

March 26, 2009 — Recession Hitting Small Firms Looking for Capital to Expand

March 25, 2009 — Multi-Billion Dollar Contracting Program Plagued by Fraud

March 19, 2009 — Small Business Committee Leaders Call for More Help for Veteran Entrepreneurs

March 18, 2009 — Small Providers Discuss President’s Health Reform Budget

March 18, 2009 — Congress Extends SBA Programs Set to Expire

March 12, 2009 — Congress to Agencies: Don’t Shortchange Vets on Contracting

March 11, 2009 — President Signs Bill Reversing Anti-Women Contracting Policy

March 11, 2009 — Committee Passes Small Business Administration Budget Recommendation

March 11, 2009 — Food Recalls Hit Small Businesses Hard

March 4, 2009 — Renewable Fuels Industry Struggles in Flagging Economy

February 26, 2009 — House Votes to Boost Funding for Important Small Business Programs

February 25, 2009 — Small Businesses Struggle with Retirement Plan Obligations

February 25, 2009 — Velázquez Praises President’s Economic Plan

February 23, 2009 — Velázquez Attends White House Fiscal Responsibility Summit

February 13, 2009 — Velázquez Hails Small Business Provisions in Recovery and Reinvestment Act

February 11, 2009 — Lawmakers Call for Renewed Investment in Entrepreneurship Programs

February 4, 2009 — Committee Examines Small Business Health Care Reform Challenges

January 28, 2009 — House Small Business Committee Adopts Oversight Plan and Rules for 111th Congress

January 28, 2009 — Velázquez Hails Passage of Economic Recovery Package

January 28, 2009 — Democrats Announce Leadership for House Small Business Committee

January 22, 2009 — Statement by Chairwoman Nydia M. Velázquez on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

January 14, 2009 — Committee Explores Role of Small Business in Economic Recovery

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Small Business Economic Outlook: Assesing Current Conditions and Challenges to Growth

Report on Impact of Rising Energy Costs on Small Business
The House Small Business Committee Democrats released a report analyzing the impacts that rising energy prices are having on various sectors of the small business community.

Scorecard VII Report: Faulty Accounting by Administration Results in Missed Opportunities for Small Businesses
The House Small Business Committee Democrats released the seventh annual Scorecard report, which reviews 22 federal agencies on how they meet their small business contracting goals.

Committee on Small Business Rules and Procedures

Oversight Plan for the 111th Congress



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