"The rising costs of government entitlements is a "fiscal cancer" that threatens catastrophic consequences for our country and could bankrupt America." – Former Comptroller General David Walker on 60 Minutes (3/4/2007)


"Without early and meaningful action to address entitlements, the U.S economy could be seriously weakened, with fugure generations bearing much of the cost." – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (2/28/2007)


"The aging of the population and continuing increase in health care costs are expected to put considerable pressure on the budget in the coming decades. Economic growth alone is unlikely to be sufficient to alleviate that pressure as Medicare, Medicaid, and to a lesser extent Social Security require ever greater resources under current law." – (Former CBO Director) OMB Director Peter Orszag (1/26/2007)


"Over the long-run our fiscal path is unsustainable. " – (Former CBO Director) OMB Director Peter Orszag, Market News International (4/29/2008)


"In the long run, we are in serious deficit trouble, and the long run is not so long anymore." – Former OMB Director Alice Rivlin, St. Paul Pioneer Press (1/24/2008)