General Questions:
Q: Is this plan just another attack on government, slashing major benefit programs that so many people rely on?
A: No. In fact, this proposal protects and strengthens the safety net that the major benefit programs offer. The fact of the matter is that many of these government programs are in serious financial jeopardy. Medicare’s own trustees have said the program will go bankrupt within a decade, Medicaid is bankrupting state and federal budgets, and Social Security will soon be unable to provide future seniors, who are currently 55 and younger, with the benefits they have been promised. These government benefit programs cannot be sustained as they are currently structured. They will collapse and the process will overburden the economy, American businesses, American workers and every taxpayer. This is not the future the next generation deserves.

My proposal protects these vital programs and puts forth the long overdue reforms that will ensure the health and retirement security for current and future generations of Americans. Furthermore, this proposal strengthens the health care safety net for the most vulnerable members of society.