“I want to congratulate Congressman Ryan for having the guts, foresight, and commitment to put forth real answers to the largest and most difficult problems our country faces outside of fighting Islamic fundamentalist-driven terrorism, and that is the pending fiscal meltdown of our nation due to the costs of paying for the current benefit structure for programs affecting the baby boom generation as they retire.

“Without real action in this area, our children and grandchildren will be handed a nation they can not afford and the quality of their lifestyle will be greatly reduced due to the excessive costs they will have to bear to pay for the baby boom generation.   Thus, real plans with real solutions such as those suggested by Cong. Ryan are critical but few  have the guts to put   them forward because of the charged political atmosphere that surrounds these important programs. It is a reflection of true and courageous leadership that Cong. Ryan has stepped forward on these issues.”

Senator Judd Gregg, Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee (5/22/2008)


“We have been calling on Members of Congress to get specific about how they would address the long-term budget problems facing the nation” said Maya MacGuineas, President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “It shows tremendous courage and leadership on Congressman Ryan’s part that he is willing to lay out a comprehensive and detailed plan that includes specifics for how to address the nation’s fiscal imbalances.”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Statement Praising Rep. Ryan (5/22/2008)


“Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) bold proposal addresses our nation’s biggest fiscal challenge, the entitlement crisis… I am encouraged by Congressman Ryan’s leadership in his efforts to address this serious problem that continues to swallow the budget and swamp our economy.”

Jim Nussle, Director of the Office of Management and Budget (5/22/2008)


“With his ‘Roadmap for America’s Future,’ Paul Ryan has presented a thought-provoking proposal to address the looming entitlement crisis. We need a national dialogue on this general issue, and Congressman Ryan’s blueprint has paved the way for such a conversation.”

“The American people have grown tired of hearing leading voices in both parties speak to the urgent need for entitlement reform while working at cross purposes. It is no longer enough to recite chapter and verse the consequences of our inability to slow runaway entitlement spending. This broken status quo has deprived us of countless opportunities to consider reforms that would put our fiscal house in order.”

Congressman Adam Putnam, Chairman of the House Republican Conference (5/21/2008)

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“America is hungry for real solutions to our most pressing challenges, and Congressman Paul Ryan has delivered with his ‘Roadmap for America’s Future.’  His innovative proposal draws upon America’s core values to bring our entitlement programs, health care system, and tax code in line with the 21st Century.  Ryan’s Roadmap breaks through the partisan gridlock that has crippled Washington and comprehensively tackles our entitlement crisis.”

Newt Gingrich, General Chairman of American Solutions, and former Speaker of the House (6/03/2008)


“Whether or not you agree with Congressman Ryan’s Roadmap For America’s Future legislation, he deserves credit for having the courage to put a comprehensive proposal on the table in connection with health care, entitlement and tax reform. The time for talking about these critically important issues has passed; the time for action is now.””

David Walker , President and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and former Comptroller General of the United States (6/12/2008)