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Health Reform’s Savings Myth
Washington Post
Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Health-care reform is entitlement reform" has become a mantra of the Obama administration. The idea is that Congress can add a massive health-care program this year — covering the uninsured — and use the same measures that pay for the health reform to fix the broader budget problems. If that sounds too good to be true, there’s a reason…"

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How to Tackle the Entitlement Crisis
Wall Street Journal
By: Paul Ryan
May 21, 2008

Wither health-care reform?
Washington Times
By: Jon Ward
February 23, 2009

‘Too Old’ for Hip Surgery
Wall Street Journal
By: Nadeem Esmail
February 9, 2009
Ross Perot Answers Your Questions
The New York Times
By: Stephen Dubner
December 10, 2008
Back to a Big-Tent GOP
Wall Street Journal
By: Kimberley Strassel
October 31, 2008

Medicare Reform: A Tough Sell
Roll Call
By: Kate Ackley
September 11, 2008

Facing Fiscal Realities – With a Clear Plan
The Twin Cities: Pioneer Press
By: Paul Ryan
September 2, 2008

MEHAN III: Where is the party of small government
OP-ED: The Washington Times
Auguest 6, 2008

A Road Map to Restore Fiscal Health
Editorial: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
July 12, 2008

Memo to U.S.: We’re Tapped Out
Wall Street Journal
By: David Walker
July 12, 2009

The Nation’s Failures to Address Runaway Spending on Medicare and Social Security in Threatening our Standard of Living
A $53 Trillion Problem
Editorial: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
June 30, 2008

Back Channels: A Republican’s Plan to Take on the Big Stuff
The Philadelphia Inquirer
By: Kevin Ferris
June 29, 2008

Ryan Campaigns for Fiscal Fitness
Roll Call
By: Steven Dennis
June 25, 2008

Fiscal Medicine Man
OP-ED: The Washington Post
June 23, 2008

Alarm is Sounding on Entitlements
The New York Sun
By: John Stossel
June 11, 2008

The Status Quo is not an Option
Editorial: Wisconsin State Journal
May 29, 2008

Ryan’s ‘Road map’
Editorial: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
May 23, 2008

Ryan Outlines Comprehensive Reform Plan for Federal Government
Racine Journal Times
By: Bridget Thoreson
May 22, 2008

Ryan Unveils Budget Reform Plan
Wisconsin State Journal
By: Mark Pitsch
May 21, 2008

Rep. Ryan Writes Out Roadmap to Recovery
Kenosha News
By: Joe Potente
May 21, 2008