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August 03, 2009: Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy

As the healthcare debate rages on, there is one reality that even the proponents of this hostile takeover of healthcare by government cannot ignore – and that is money.  The government simply does not have the money for a new, expansive, public healthcare plan.  The country is in a deep recession that will deepen even further with the coming collapse of the commercial real estate market.  The last thing we need is for government to increase and expand taxes to pay for another damaging, wasteful program.  Foreigners are becoming less enthusiastic about buying our debt, and creating another open-ended …Continue reading »

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Speeches and Statements

July 21, 2009  Statement at Financial Services Committee Hearing
The Federal Reserve in collaboration with the giant banks has created the greatest financial crisis the world has ever seen.  The foolish notion that unlimited amounts of money and credit, created out of thin air, can provide sustained economic growth has delivered this crisis to us.  Instead of economic growth and stable prices it has given us a system of government and finance that now threatens the world financial and political institutions.

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Press Releases

July 15, 2009  Unanimous GOP Support for Paul’s Bill
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ron Paul (TX-14) is pleased to announce that all 178 Republican members of the House have now signed on as cosponsors of his Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207. 

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July 16, 2009 – On Consumer Protections and the Fed

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