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The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides operations support services and business solutions to the community of 10,000 House Members, Officers and staff. The CAO organization comprises more than 600 technical and administrative staff working in a variety of areas, including information technology, finance, budget management, human resources, payroll, child care, food and vending, procurement, logistics and administrative counsel.

Washingtonian Great Places to Work Best Workplaces for CommutersThe Office of the CAO was first created in the 104th Congress in 1995. The Chief Administrative Officer is an employee of the U.S. House of Representatives who is elected every two years when the House organizes for a new Congress. The current CAO, Daniel P. Beard, was sworn in on February 15, 2007.

Wounded Warrior Program

Wounded WarriorsClick here to learn about the program to hire wounded veterans to jobs in the House.


CAO Spotlight

photo, inside of Capitol Rotunda

Deputy CAO Believes Work is About Making Relationships Work

To Ali Qureshi an “open door policy” isn’t just a cliché, it’s a way to develop relationships and of doing business effectively.  

The newest Deputy CAO considers his openness one of the keys to his success. “It’s important to be able to talk to people and build alliances. If you’re honest and genuine then you can break down any walls,” he said.