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The Honorable Daniel P. Beard: Chief Administrative Officer

photo of Dan Beard
Daniel P. Beard, CAO
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Dan Beard is the third Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the House of Representatives.  Mr. Beard returned to the House of Representatives at the start of the 110th Congress after serving as a senior advisor for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.  Previously he spent 10 years on the staff of the House Appropriations and Natural Resources Committee.  His three decades of experience in policy affairs and management issues also include positions with the Senate, White House, Interior Department and the Library of Congress.

Well suited to lead House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s "Green the Capitol" initiative, Mr. Beard brings to this position an extensive background in managing environmental issues.  As Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation in the Interior Department, Beard guided the agency on a more environmentally responsible path by promoting water conservation among agricultural and urban water users.  He also served as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Public Policy at the National Audubon Society.

Dan Beard holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Washington and lives in Columbia, MD, with his wife, Dana.