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Joined by former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert and other Members of Congress, Rep. Mica participated in a Press Conference regarding the reestablishment of the House Drug Task Force in response to the Administration’s recent policy changes.


Congressman Mica observed the "Field Day" training mock-up in Seminole County. The training is designed to demonstrate how radio operators would conduct their operations during emergencies such as a hurricane.

Rep. Mica participated in the commencement of a new van service for the veterans of Sanford and north Seminole County. Representatives from Seminole County veterans’ organizations and LYNX joined Congressman Mica, Mayor Linda Kuhn and Seminole County Commissioner Brenda Carey in kicking off this new service for veterans seeking medical care at the facility located at 2583 South Volusia Avenue, Orange City.

Congressman Mica met with local leaders to discuss the proposed visitors center at the Castillo de San Marcos and the upcoming 450th anniversary celebration for the city of St. Augustine.

Rep. Mica attended the opening ceremony for the Palm Coast Carribean Festival.

Congressman Mica was interviewed by FOX News regarding the nations tranportation and infrastructure options.

Rep. Mica met with Puerto Rican Governor, Luis Fortuno.

Congressman Mica met with fellow Representatives, Oberstar and DeFazio regarding the Surface Transportation Authorization Act.

Rep. Mica met with the Deputy Superintendent of Volusia County Schools, Tim Huth regarding education policies.

Congressman Mica met with Representatives of the Univeristy of Florida’s Student Government.

Congressman Mica presented a Congressional Gold Medal to Drake Gordon of Flagler Beach.

Congressman Mica met with theUniversity of Florida’s Dean of Education, Catherine Emihovich regarding the University’s College of Education.

Rep. Mica and other Members of Congress met with Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Rep. Mica participated in a roundtable discussion regarding the FAA and cybersecurity.

Rep. Mica had breakfast with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, where he was presented with the U.S. Chamber "Spirit of Enterprise" award.

Congressman Mica met with Peter Appel, who was confirmed as the new Administrator for the Research and Innovative Technology Administration for the Department of Transportation.

Rep. Mica met with Florida Department of Transportation Secretary, Stephanie Kopelousos regarding transit projects in the state and the future of SunRail.

Rep. Mica attended the dedication of the statue of President Reagan in the Capitol.

Congressman Mica spoke to the Intelligent Transportation Systems America at their annual meeting in Washington DC about his goals for the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and technology implementation into the transportation industry.

Rep. Mica attended a briefing in New Orleans from FEMA regarding the area’s recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

While considering a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bill, the U.S. House of Representatives agreed to an amendment by Rep. Mica and others to streamline and improve their rulemaking process at TSA.” This Amendment will help improve safety for the traveling public.

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