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Congressman Paul Hodes Fights for Increased Credit for Small Businesses

“New Hampshire’s small businesses will be the driving force behind our economic recovery,” said Congressman Hodes. “I will continue working to increase access to credit for small businesses that create good-paying jobs for Granite Staters.”


Congressman Paul Hodes Supports Relief for New Hampshire Dairy Farmers

“Dairy farmers are an important part of the Granite State economy, and they deserve our support during these difficult times,” said Congressman Hodes. “This increase will result in immediate relief for New Hampshire’s dairy farmers. I remain committed to working towards a long-term solution to help New Hampshire’s dairy farmers.”


Congressman Paul Hodes’ Statement on the Additional Funds for the “Cash for Clunkers” Program

“The “Cash for Clunkers” program has proven to be an effective and popular recovery effort to help more New Hampshire families purchase a new, fuel efficient car. It’s good for New Hampshire’s auto dealers; it’s good for the environment as we are getting inefficient cars off the road; and it’s good for the economy and jobs. This funding will keep a successful program moving forward. I will continue to work with other members of the delegation and the Department of Transportation to waive insurance requirements to participate in the “Cash for Clunkers” program and work to continue to make it easier for New Hampshire families and auto dealers to participate in this program.”
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