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Boehner Statement on What the President ISN’T Saying to the American People About Health Care Today
“This new sales pitch is more notable for what it doesn’t say than what it does. What happened to the promises that their proposal ‘won’t increase health care costs,’ ‘won’t add to the deficit,’ ‘won’t increase taxes on middle-class families and small businesses,’ ‘won’t put government between doctors and patients,’ ‘won’t force anyone to lose their current health coverage,’ ‘won’t kill jobs,’ ‘won’t promote taxpayer-funded abortion,’ or ‘won’t cut Medicare’? The American people deserve more from their President than sidestepping every major criticism of his plan and failing to address any of the issues that have stalled the bill in Congress.”
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Long, Hot Summer: Americans Express Growing Opposition to Job-Killing Plans on Energy & Health Care
By Press Shop
Last week, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) put Democrats on notice that they would have a “very, very hot summer” once Americans began to learn more about their costly government takeover of health care. Just a few days into the August break, House Democrats are learning exactly what Boehner meant: Americans are showing genuine concern about the cost and consequences of a government-run health care plan for families and small businesses. A new poll out today indicates Americans’ concerns are very real.
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See the Health Care Chart Congress Doesn’t Want You to See!

House Democrats are blocking efforts by Republicans to show America the Democrats’ proposed government takeover of health care.  The chart identifies at least 31 new federal programs, agencies, commissions and mandates that accompany the unprecedented government takeover of health care in America.

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