Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District


Supporting Sotomayor: Congressman Hank Johnson spoke at a news conference July 1 in support of President Obama’s pick to be the next Supreme Court justice — Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Read more

7/31: Hank to hold health care town hall
7/30: Hank introduces HIRE Act to help create jobs
7/29: Hank: Recovery fighting crime, funding local police
7/29: Hank outlines benefits of House health care reform bill
7/22: Hank votes for PAYGO legislation
7/22: Hank outlines Arbitration Fairness at House hearing
7/22: Hank fights for small businesses, applauds ASBL
7/21: Hank’s solution to water rights for Lake Lanier
7/17: Hank’s statement on Tea Party health care protests
7/16: NAACP supports Hank, Performance Rights Act
7/1: Hank supports Sotomayor nomination ahead of hearings
6/24: President signs Hank’s price-fixing bill into law
6/19: Hank joins in the celebration of Juneteenth
6/17: Hank hosts 25 Atlanta-area pastors
6/11: Hank’s bill battles public corruption, increases accountability
6/10: Hank’s statement on the Holocaust Museum shooting |Video
6/9: Hank shepherds bill to curb price fixing, boost consumers
6/3: Hank refutes negative radio ad campaign over H.R. 848
5/28: Hank, Rep. Lewis to visit death-row inmate | Photos
5/26: Hank proposes small business fairness, transparency bill
5/19: Hank’s statement on the “Performance Rights Act”
5/14: Hank votes to help schools go green, create jobs
5/13: Hank to hold Career Expo-Job Fair
5/12: Hank hires new Chief of Staff, Arthur D. Sidney
5/8: Hank: Social Security recipients, veterans to receive $250 boost
5/8: Hank: Chief of Staff Satcher departs for Commerce Department
5/7: Hank proud to vote for mortgage reform, consumer protection
5/5: Hank applauds Recovery funds for District road projects
4/30: Hank supports Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights
4/29: Hank introduces Tax Fairness, Simplification Act
4/28: Hank’s court simplification bill headed to President’s desk
4/27: Hank pleased to take part in Arbitration Fairness Day
4/27: Hank receives ACCG’s Shackelford Service Award
4/24: House approves thousands of new community police officers
4/23: Hank sponsors Act to streamline, simplify courts
4/22: Hank celebrates Earth Day green style
4/7: Hank’s statement on the F-22 Raptor fighter program
4/3: Hank proposes TIRE Act to curb pollution, dependence on oil
4/2: Hank pleased workers to receive boost in paychecks
3/30: Hank supports three key veterans’ benefit bills
3/26: Hank’s statement on Guantanamo Bay detention facility
3/19: Hank’s statement on veterans and the use of private insurance
3/17: Hank explores antitrust law’s possible role in financial crisis
3/12: Hank outlines Reinvestment funds flowing to District
3/5: Hank announces transit funds sent to Georgia

Rev-ing up Washington: Congressman Hank Johnson, center, hosted more than 25 Atlanta-area pastors June 17 in Washington. The pastors met with White House officials and members of the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act can help their congregants. Read more

FROM TOP: DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, GA; Stone Mountain, GA;
The Rockdale County Courthouse.

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