eNews – July 31, 2009

This week’s eNews includes: the Week Just Past, the “Uninsured” By the Numbers, House Passes “Treading Water” Defense bill, Working to Improve Veterans’ Care.

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Frelinghuysen Sponsors Amendment to Force FAA Consideration of Air Noise

Rep. Frelinghuysen introduced a bipartisan amendment to prohibit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from using funds to continue implementing its ill-considered airspace redesign for the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia region.

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eNews – July 24, 2009

This week’s e-news includes: The Week Just Past, Speaker Pelosi’s Health Care “Reform”: By the Numbers, Hiding from the Ugly Budget Truth, Closing Gitmo: “these are hard, consequential decisions,” Accepting a nuclear armed Iran?, Bad Idea of the Week:  Nationalizing Student Loans, Taking Aim at air noise.

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Thank you for visiting my online U.S. Congressional office. It is an honor and privilege to represent you in the United States Congress. As your Congressman, I want to be your voice in Washington, but first I need to hear your thoughts and concerns. So I hope that you will consider my website your link to me and that you find it a useful tool to help me better serve you.

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Frelinghuysen on the number of uninsured

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Rep. Frelinghuysen believes in putting more money in the pockets of every taxpayer through greater tax relief.