House Library

About the House Library

Since 1792 the House Library has served as the official depository of Congressional Documents for the House of Representatives. The Library has an extensive collection of over 125,000 volumes of documents originated by the House of Representatives, Congressional publications, and legislative and legal reference resources.

The mission of the House Library is to provide legislative history and information to all patrons. As a division of the Legislative Resource Center (LRC), the Library has the responsibility of preserving House Documents from the 1st Congress and future Congresses.

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Library Collection
A listing of the Library’s commonly used collection and a definition of each source.
Common Questions and Answers
A list of common questions with comprehensive answers about Members of Congress and the United States House of Representatives.
Hot Topic Responses
A list of responses to questions that arise with the main issues confronting Congress or with the ever changing legislative environment.
Reference Desk
Commonly used reference files in a central location:
A list of web resources directing patrons to various Legislative, Judicial, and Executive government websites as well as news and library websites.

At the House Library

The knowledgeable staff can assist with reference questions and locating print and digital information resources.

Members of Congress and Congressional staff may borrow books from the collection for a short term loan.

Users may place a request by contacting the library staff in the LRC.

For more information on the use of the closed stacks collection read the Use of the Collection and Library User Policies.