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For more than two centuries, the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives has served as the institution’s repository for its records and heritage. Resources on this page include a collection of information on House artwork and material culture, its history, traditions, personalities and precedents, and official records.

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Art, Artifacts, & Architecture

Learn how enslaved African Americans helped build the Capitol, find the location of Representative Abraham Lincoln’s desk during his tenure as a Member, take a virtual tour of the House Chamber, and much more.

House History

Access historical lists of House leaders and officers, party divisions and session dates as well as firsts, milestones, and feature pages on ceremonies and traditions such as the Congressional Baseball Game.

Member Biographical Information

Learn about the political careers of the more than 10,700 men and women who have served in the House since 1789, including which House members served as Supreme Court Justices or President of the United States.

Weekly Historical Highlights

Read about House events that occurred this week in History. Search our archives of more than 400 events, or explore them by date or subject. New highlights are added each week.

Historical Resources

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