Roskam Sun-Times Op-Ed: Medicare Fraud Proves Fed-run Health Care Won’t Work

Medicare fraud proves fed-run health care won’t work Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed Rep. Peter Roskam August 1st 2009   Just weeks ago, Jose Luis Perez fled the United States before law enforcement officials could arrest him, but not before he allegedly scammed $56 million in taxpayer money by defrauding Medicare. Described by t… [More]

Is Your Bank Safe?

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If you’ve ever wondered about the health of your banking institution, here are answers to some common questions that can help give you peace of mind.

Healthcare Reform

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Our healthcare system is in crisis. We must reconcile lowering healthcare costs while ensuring the patient-doctor relationship. Click above to see the Roskam 5 Principles for Healthcare Reform.


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A massive new gas tax is being proposed in Washington. Proponents of the new tax call it ‘Cap and Trade,’ which is a fancy way of masking ‘Tax and Spend.’
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