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Health Care Reform – What You Need to Know

The health care delivery system in the United States is in need of reform.   Health care costs continue to escalate as businesses and families see more of their budgets consumed by health expenses.  Access and affordability of health care are paramount to solving the health care crisis facing our country.  It is essential that we approach these issues with common sense and with the best interests of the American people at heart.

Unfortunately, I believe the “solution” the Congressional Majority has proposed would be disastrous for Americans and further cripple our economy.  It includes an unprecedented expansion of government involvement in health care, including the creation of a government run public option that could result in more than 114 million Americans losing their current health care coverage.  The public option allows the government to act as regulator and funder for the public option.  This will allow them to set rates for reimbursements and bail out the public option if it fails to compete with its private sector counterparts.

The chart below is a good example of what Americans can expect from a government run health care option.

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