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    Welcome to the First District of Texas' home on the Internet! On this site, you will find extensive information on my many activities in the U.S. House of Representatives, the important constituent services my office provides the citizens of the First District of Texas, and much more. I hope you will find this site useful and informative. Thank you for stopping by!
                                              With Kindest Regards,

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  • Government Takeover of Healthcare

    There's a proposed Government Healthcare plan that is wildly expensive, will force millions off their own insurance, ration needed care, and force patients onto long wait lists for life-saving treatments.
    Contact your elected leaders at the below numbers and tell them you want to get back to a true doctor-patient relationship where YOU have complete control of your healthcare decisions at a price that is transparent, affordable, and covered.
                       The White House                 U. S. Congress
                        (202) 456-1111                   (202) 224-3121

Photo Gallery

Gohmert Opposes Hate Crimes Bill that Endangers Religious Freedom

Gohmert Opposes Hate Crimes Bill that Endangers Religious Freedom

Lockheed Martin Expansion Groundbreaking

Lockheed Martin Expansion Groundbreaking

Texas Farm Bureau Visits Washington, DC

Texas Farm Bureau Visits Washington, DC

Recognizing the Spiritual Heritage of America Press Conference

Gohmert Speaks Out Against

Gohmert Speaks Out Against “Stimulus” Bill and Outrageous Deficit Spending


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